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Hi! We are Plus, a Turkish Game Localization team formed by experienced people, and we are glad to meet you!

Video Game Localization & QA

You’re game developer? Cool, want your game to reach wider audience? You can contact us for Turkish localization.

Localized Text Proofreading

You have a localized game text that needs control? We can check it out and correct every flaws!

Video Localization

Do you have a video file that needs localization? Or maybe you already got it translated, but you need someone for LQA.

It’s Not a Job, It’s a Passion

Localization is not something we called “job”. It is a very dear passion for us, it has always been like that and always will be. We do not translate, we localize for Turkish players to experience very essence of the game’s meaning in their own language.

A Growing Gaming Market

There are over 84M people in Turkey and 42M gamers according to the gaming report in 2021. Total Game Revenue in Turkey hit $1.2B in total. This makes Turkey 18th most remunerative gaming market in the world. Day by day, year by year, Turkey Gaming is Market is growing constantly and localization is the key factor to be a part of this marke

First thing first: NDA

We sign a mutual NDA about the confidentiality of the game’s files (Texts, pics, vids, etc.). Privacy is the number one priority in Plus.

Receipt of the Source File

We take a quick glance through thesource file for any possible mistakes.

Glossary and Context

We prepare a glossary for the terms in the game and pay attention to the contexts provided and confirm that files are ready.

3, 2, 1, Go!

We start translating the source file
with an order by paying attention to atmosphere and genre.While continuing the process,keep close contact with both developers/publishers.

Workflow in Plus

We said that localization is a passion for us and we mean it! With an infinite aspiration, we are paying equal effort and attention in every step. However, you should also know that this is not our full workflow, it is a summary of it.


When we are %50 through, we do a scan on the text files to ensure that it is error-free. Don’t worry, we pay attention to deadlines, we don’t rush it but don’t be too slow.

And It’s… Finished?

When are 100% through on localization, we double check the translated file to make sure there are no major mistakes.

Let the Post-translation Begins!

Our next stop is LQA. We test in-game localization, fonts, etc. (if applicable). We double-check in-game texts if necessary.

A Happy Ending

And after a thorough review, and a couple of LQA checks, we deliverthe final output to our clients..

Our Portfolio

You can see the beautiful games developed by our cool clients! Here, come, have a look!

Our Clients

And you can see our cool clients! Here they are!

A Couple of Words From Our Clients

Working with Plus Localization was great. Our game is filled with several futuristic, technical terms and slang, from long dialogues to item descriptions. But they managed to deliver it quickly and without any issue. They are really enthusiastic about their field, and we are glad to have chosen them as our localization partner for Turkish.

– Marko Dieckmann, Head of Studio at ION Lands

The guys at Plus Localization were a dream to work with. We threw an enormous block of text at them, over 9K words containing many colloquialisms. Everything from large ceremonies to small portions of sentences. Within a few days it came back, no fuss, no muss. They’re fast, friendly, diligent and they know their games. Perfect combo.

– Aaron Puzey, Technical Director at Denki

Working together with Plus Localization was a wonderful experience! As a solo developer making its first game, it’s reassuring to see that we can count on them to make a great and efficient work that every turkish player enjoyed! I hope to work with PL again for my next projects!.

– Nicolas Meyssonier, Developer of Pumpkin Jack

Working with Plus Localization has been nothing but pleasure! These guys are very professional, work fast and produce amazing results. Their translation has boosted our sales and engagement from the Turkish community which was amazing to see. We’ll definitely be working with them again on our future titles.

– Citizens Far Lands, RedKar Limited

The Plus Localization team did the translation for Stone Keepers for us. We have only good impressions from cooperation with them. Fast, high quality and professional. Thanks!

– Eduard Minin, CEO of Valkryie Initiative

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